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For the fourth consecutive year, and after the success of the previous Conference in Madrid,  the IV Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference will be held on the 8th and 9th of June in Toledo, the most important event of the year for Chinese tourism.

The Conference presents new models to understand the emerging Chinese tourism and the way to handle it, with the objective to improve competitive positions of detinations.

We have selected “Chinese Dream” as a slogan for the IV Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference. To achieve a “Chinese Dream”, that is the big leitmotiv to overcome new social, economic, and cultural challenges in the next years, among others, to experience “dream vacations”.


“The big Dream”, “Different Dreams”, “Dream Teams” or “Digital Dream” are some of the subjects that will explain how Spanish destinations can position themselves in the Chinese tourism market or compete at an international level. We will show the importance to know and understand the emerging forms of tourism and their expectations (at the cultural and gastronomic levels), the need to be virtually present and reach the Chinese tourist, the expected quality of services or the interrelation between football and tourism, among other aspects.

Chinese and western experts invite you to an unique opportunity to understand te new models of the Chinese tourism. The most outstanding event that you cannot miss to succeed in this market full of opportunities.

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The conference will be held at The Hotel Palafox Zaragoza.

The program is designed for you to make the best of this new business idea.

Experts in the world of tourism will be talking about of the phenomenon of Chinese tourism.

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